Best Movie Theatre in Paris : Le Grand Rex, a mythical venue

Publish on Thursday, 5 December 2013
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Best movie theatre in Paris is surely Le Grand Rex. This largest of Parisian cinemas is an Art Deco masterpiece of architectural design which hearkens back to the golden age of movies, and all the glamour and elegance that entails. Boasting some 2,800 seats, not to mention the largest screen in Europe, this epic scale cinema is the place to experience the real magic of films. Le Grand Rex also offers a variety of concerts and shows and is just a ten minute walk from the Hotel Opera Lafayette.

Best movie theatre in Paris, a shrine to cinema

Le Grand Rex was built for the impresario and film producer Jacques Haik, who at the time operated the renowned Olympia music hall and was also responsible for popularising the work of Charlie Chaplin in France. The evocative Art Deco architecture was the work of Auguste Bluysen, a specialist in building theatres and spas, and the Moroccan style interiors were designed by Maurice Dufrene with the assistance of consultant John Eberson, a master of atmospheric cinema décor, who worked his special brand of magic in over 300 movie theatres in the U.S.A.

Construction began in 1931 and was completed the following year, the first film to be shown being The Three Musketeers. Half a century later Le Grand Rex was declared a National Monument by the French government, and this beloved Paris institution still thrives today, hosting such events as the six day Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival.

Today, in addition to enjoying a film or concert, you can take a self conducted tour of the backstage area complete with a visit to the production room and a reproduction projection booth, plus a look at what can be found behind a projection screen, all presented with some nerve jangling Sensurround effects.

The Hotel Opera Lafayette close to the best movie theatre in Paris

The marble paved lounges and tasteful décor of the Hotel Opera Lafayette reflect something of the grace and charm of the era represented by Le Grand Rex. Why not take a stroll and catch a show at this Parisian landmark while you are staying with us?



Picture copyright holder : Tourist office Paris - Photographer Marc Bertrand

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