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Publish on Monday, 10 October 2016
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As well as being a city bursting with fabulous attractions to which tourists flock in great numbers, Paris is also a gourmet mecca where food lovers of all tastes and appetites can find a gastronomic heaven. With autumn looming, chocolate lovers have a particular source of delight to look forward to during their stay at the Hotel Opera Lafayette.

The Salon du Chocolat 2016: taste buds on alert!

As with all good recipes, there are some essential ingredients you need to cook up a delightful stay in Paris. One of these is the perfect accommodation, an ingredient that is easy to add to the mix. Our hotel in the heart of Paris will help you to make the most of a delicious break, and we have some tasty recommendations for you. The first of these is the Salon du Chocolat, which returns to the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre for its 22nd edition from October 25th to November 1st. Some 500 exhibitors from France and elsewhere are scheduled to participate, including talented chocolatiers, pastry chefs, confectioners and other experts, who will spare no effort in offering visitors to this most sinfully delicious of trade fairs a multitude of recipes, workshops and other events based around the exciting world of cocoa and chocolate. This exhibition is a unique opportunity to taste chocolate from all continents and to discover the ways in which it is prepared in different lands.

The Choco Story Museum: the history of chocolate through the centuries

Chocolate lovers have plenty to get excited about this autumn of 2016. In addition to the Salon du Chocolat, chocoholics should know about another place deserving of their attention: the utterly fascinating Gourmet Chocolate Museum – Choco Story. Situated only 900m from our hotel, the Choco Story has much to delight the avid traveller and fan of chocolate. The museum offers a dizzying plunge into the 4000 year history of mankind’s love affair with the seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree and the delicious things that can be made from them. The museum is divided into three areas with distinct themes. You can discover the origins of chocolate, how its use has evolved over the centuries, and admire a collection of more than 1,000 objects pertaining to it. The museum relates the story of the Olmecs, the first major civilisation in Mexico, who were the first people to consume cocoa, how it was brought to Europe in the early 16th century by Hernando Cortes, and explains how it was subsequently refined, especially during the 19th century, growing in popularity to become a global taste phenomenon. Best of all, the museum also offers visitors the opportunity to taste the various kinds of chocolate produced on site. 
For those wishing to add a delicious dimension to their visit to Paris, the autumn is indeed the perfect time to visit the French capital. Whether you visit the Salon du Chocolat, the Choco Story Museum, or both, a tasty time awaits.


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