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Publish on Saturday, 1 August 2015
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From July 20th to August 23rd the banks of the Seine are transformed for the essential Paris Plages. These fun-packed urban beaches are waiting, so bring your bathing costumes and beach bags brimming with sun cream, badminton rackets and detective novels. There’s no need to go to Cannes for seaside glamour because the view of Paris is better than ever from the beach!

A Paris beach overlooking the sea

... Or almost. However, the illusion is just about perfect. 5000 tonnes of fine yellow sand cover the Parisian pavement. Blue parasols, the striped canvas of deckchairs, wooden booths and kiosks and even palm trees complete this dreamlike and enticing setting. You can enjoy an ice cream, sip a soda or munch on a snack. If you need something to read, a newsstand offers the daily papers, magazines and paperbacks. Where the Mirabeau bridge spans the Seine some distinctly seasonal river traffic will pass by, including canoes, kayaks and pedal boats! There are plenty of water sports opportunities available, as well as traditional beach activities including pétanque, table football, tai chi... and, of course, the delicious opportunity to simply take it easy.

A treat for Parisians and tourists

Launched in 2002, the Paris Plages summer event boasts countless fans, including the city’s summer visitors, who always love to try something new in Paris. The Georges Pompidou Way, the Bassin de la Villette and the courtyard of the Hotel de Ville are the locations which fully embrace the challenge of being turned into beach resorts each year, courtesy of the city of Paris, which organises the event and publishes the detailed schedule of events.

In the evening, after a sweet day in the warm sun, a magical event awaits you : the cinéma au clair de lune (Cinema by moonlight). Until August 9th, movies of all kinds are thrown all over Paris to the delight of moviegoers. The opportunity of a good time outdoors and to make the most of the summer. Organized by the Forum of the images, this event is accessible to all since the entry is free.

Such a beautiful program for a warm summer with the Hotel Opera Lafayette welcoming you in its walls for a smooth stay in its comfortable rooms all equipped.


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Picture courtyard of the Hotel de Ville copyright holder: Tourist Office Paris - Photographer Marc Bertrand

Hotel Opéra Lafayette, a 3* hotel in Paris between Gare du Nord and Opera area

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