Swimming and relaxation; Paris Beaches and the lovely swimming pools of Paris

Publish on Monday, 10 July 2017
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Summer in Paris can be hot, making a plunge into a cool pool an enticing prospect. The Hotel Opéra Lafayette suggests you take advantage of the possibilities offered by the capital to refresh your body and your mind. From Paris Plages (Paris Beaches) to the capital’s many swimming pools, here’s a quick overview of some great ideas for chilling out and cooling down.


What’s new with Paris Plages

As has happened every year for the last 16, and to the delight of Parisians and tourists alike, at the beginning of July the Parisian quays were transformed into places of relaxation with a seaside resort feel. Copied in numerous capitals and major cities worldwide, this Parisian concept had to reinvent itself this year. So the summer of 2017 will be that of Paris Beaches... without beaches! Or, rather, without sand. This year fresh grass will cover the Parisian bitumen on the banks of the Seine, for a more rural atmosphere and an environmentally friendly approach. Proof that the city of Paris knows how to adapt to the times! Facilities will be modernised and new activities provided, especially for children. Enjoy a pleasant seaside atmosphere this summer without leaving Paris.


Pleasures for the eyes and the body: swimming pools well worth the detour

You won’t want to pass up the opportunity for a swim while in Paris this summer and, whether you require a 50 metre pool or a retractable sunroof that allows you to swim in the open air on beautiful, warm days, there’s plenty of choice. The capital has a great selection of swimming pools, including the Roger Le Gall in the 12th arrondissement, the Keller in the 15th, the Hermant in the 19th and the Vallerey in the 20th. Swimming in Paris beneath open skies is bliss! A treat for aesthetes, the Art Deco style Piscine Pontoise, a listed building, is overlooked by open walkways with old-fashioned cabins for hire. Open until 23:00, it’s a must for night swimmers.



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